Hello World!

Yes, it's me! Perhaps we met on one of the courses, where I was teaching how to build, maintain and optimize a DB2 database in the z/OS environment. Maybe I was employed to redesign your legacy system to be ready for new challenges. Or maybe we worked together on a software tool? Or you've just heard about me, or found me by searching the internet. Regardless of that: if you need me, I look forward to working for you!


Consulting in DB2 for z/OS. Do you have time to look at system and application performance problems, and possible recovery issues? Each DB2 version brings new features, but is more complex. All DB2-related activities require experience and continuous learning. I can help to avoid future problems and, if they are today, find appropriate solutions.
Application Development. Do you plan to develop and manage an integrated system having old legacy systems built years ago on the mainframe? If your new system cannot be built from scratch, the answer is: reengineering! I can help to improve your COBOL/CICS/VSAM application to a modern system, or design and develop its new components. My knowledge and experience from working on financial and 401K applications could be an additional advantage in your case.

Software Engineering. Are you working on software tools or utilities, designed for the mainframe? If you are, having qualified people with knowledge of operating system, data and system management, and speaking fluent assembler and PL/X might be crucial. I can work on essential components of the software or assist in your implementation.

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